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EvoFit Event Rental No purchase required to enroll

Send inquiries to events@evofittraining.com re rentals for private events.


EVOLVE From $2 per visit with NEW CLIENT INTRO WEEK passPurchase required to enroll

EVOLVE is the original program offered by EvoFit. It is an advanced bootcamp style program designed specifically for women. It can be described as faster-paced and more intense with advanced versions of the fundamental muscle-building exercises found in evoStart and other workout programs. Though we recommend those new to exercise or just getting back into it to attend evoStart for a few sessions, this program is designed with modifications and progressions so accessible to everyone! Whether you are a mother of a 4 month old or a 24 year old, a bride to be, a single corporate powerhouse, a grandma or anywhere in between, EvoFit will help you evolve into the healthiest, fittest you!

EVOSTART From $2 per visit with NEW CLIENT INTRO WEEK passPurchase required to enroll

EvoStart is a High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) program designed for those who are new to exercise, coming back after an injury, pregnant or recently postpartum. In these classes, we focus on the fundamentals of basic exercises and work on perfecting form, while delivering a fat-burning, muscle-building workout. We use different combinations of workout techniques and equipment to deliver results and keep the muscles guessing.

EVOBARRE From $2 per visit with NEW CLIENT INTRO WEEK passPurchase required to enroll

EvoBarre is a fun, high-energy class that fuses the worlds of dance, yoga, and Pilates into one heart-pumping, booty-kicking, total body-sculpting workout. EvoBarre takes body-elongating moves inspired by ballet and combines them with principles of muscle-building isometrics - a.k.a "tiny lifts" that will quickly have you feeling the burn while improving balance, building strength, increasing flexibility, and rocking a solid core!!

EVO Power Flow From $2 per visit with NEW CLIENT INTRO WEEK passPurchase required to enroll

Evo Power Flow is a mix of traditional vinyasa yoga flows combined with strength and flexibility poses. It will get your heart pumping, your body stronger, and increase your mobility in a fun and motivating environment.

Restorative Yoga Purchase required to enroll

Restorative Yoga balances the chaos of our always-on-the-go world with the ability to let your body and mind slow down and relax through purposeful, mindful poses. In the process, your body and mind can heal from the daily stressors of exercise, work, home life, and everyday activity on a cellular level.

Childcare Purchase required to enroll

EvoKid Yoga $10 per classPurchase required to enroll

TRX $25 per classFrom $2 per visit with NEW CLIENT INTRO WEEK passNo purchase required to enroll

Yoga Nidra Workshop $25Purchase required to enroll

The Autumnal Equinox marks the balance between light and dark hours of the day as we transition into Autumn's longer nights. Shift into Fall and enjoy a much needed rest after ripe and bustling summers with a Yoga Nidra workshop.

HOLIDAY- All Levels EvoHIIT $25 per classNo purchase required to enroll

EVOBARRE EXPRESS $25 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Childcare- Special Edition $5 per classPurchase required to enroll

Couples HIIT $25 per classPurchase required to enroll

Head to Heels: A Myofascial Release Workshop $30 per classPurchase required to enroll

This 2 hour workshop moves from head to heels and back again as we roll and release major muscle groups and the fascia that connects them.
We will use a variety of props to stretch and manipulate our fascia, the network of connective tissues that weaves through and deeply connects all systems of the body.
Through fascial manipulation we will release specific areas of sticking and tension as well as deeply relax the whole body, working to undo the effects of over, under, and misuse that can result in injury and chronic pain.
A regular MFR practice has been shown to aid the body in reacting to both physical and emotional stressors, and in creating a deeper connection to the whole body.


This workshop is for every body; all levels and abilities are welcome!

BUTI GLOW w/ South Sound Buti Tribe $30 per classPurchase required to enroll